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EMC, Radio, Electrical Safety, and Environmental Simulation Testing for Power Electronics Equipment

Due to significant advances in microelectronics, electricity generation, power transmission, radio frequency engineering, and electric drive technology, power electronics plays a bigger role than ever. Power electronics controllers have become standard in railway equipment and in electric and hybrid cars. However, the proliferation of power electronics has faced manufacturers with a difficult challenge – preventing component and system malfunctions caused by EM interference. Furthermore, as the market is demanding increasingly compact devices, components have to be packed more and more tightly. This can cause electromagnetic coupling, disrupting system functions. Resolving these problems leads to steep development costs.


We offer accredited testing services and specialist advice at the development stage


Our experts can help you make your components and systems interference-resistant – at the development stage, if desired. Our offering includes expert end-to-end consulting and accredited testing and certification – to EN ISO/IEC 17025 – in all aspects of EMC, radio and environmental simulation.


We offer testing services to many product and manufacturer specifications, and international standards.


Customers can depend on our skills and experience in resolving EMI issues during their product development and upgrading processes.


Our in-house approval body can also help you during the product certification phase.


Consulting & Testing

Further information on our testing and consulting services can be found at here. More about approval standards and specifications at download accreditation.

Current Seminars

2017-11-15 to 2017-11-17

  • EMC-Basics, Test and Measurement-Seminar for MIL and Avionic Standards

2017-11-16 to 2017-11-17

  • Test and Measurement-Seminar for MIL and Avionic Standards

2017-11-20 to 2017-11-22

  • EMC-Basics, HIRF/HERF – Electromagnetic Effects in Aircraft

2017-11-21 to 2017-11-22

  • HIRF/HERF – Electromagnetic Effects in Aircraft

2017-11-23 to 2017-11-24

  • Lightning Electromagnetic Effects on Aircraft

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