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EMCC - Who we are

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The basis of our entrepreneurial thinking and acting is as follows: 

Pioneers for progress 

We see ourselves as pacemakers in our industry. 

The brand EMCC DR. RAŠEK stands for the highest standards, decades of experience, integrity, unique know-how, quality and reliability. 

As an independent, world-leading ISO 17025 accredited provider of engineering services, testing and certification, we work hand in hand with our global customers in all industries. 

We are your contact for all questions concerning EMC, electrical safety and environmental simulation. 

We distinguish ourselves through flexibility, speed, quality and absolute customer orientation. Our service and product portfolio ranges from engineering to certification in the fields of EMC, radio, electrical safety and environmental simulation to seminars and research and development. 

EMCC offers the following services: 

The certification body: worldwide product certifications as European Notfied Body as well as CAB, TCB for Canada, USA and Japan, international approval management 

The testing laboratories: Technical expert services, modifications, R&D and testing services in all areas of EMC, EMI, EMS, LEMP, NEMP, HERF, HIRF, HPM, radio, telecommunications, environmental simulation and electrical safety according to numerous norms and standards such as AIRBUS, ANSI, AS/NZS, BOEING, CAN/CSA, CISPR, DaimlerChrysler, EFA, EN, ETSI, EUROCAE, FCC, Ford, GAM, GMW, ICES, IEC, ISO, MIL-STD, RSS, RTCA, SAE, VG and many more standards

The independent EMCComp DR. RAŠEK GmbH: production and distribution of test generators and measuring equipment 

How we see each other 

The EMCC brand stands for the highest standards of experience, integrity, competence, quality and trustworthiness, in every internal and external field of activity as well as between internal and external partners. 

Maxims of EMCC's actions: 

The customer comes first: 

  • We offer services that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers 
  • Broad service portfolio presenting solutions from a single source 
  • We offer not only test results but also solution proposals 
  • Mutual trust as the basis of our business relationships 
  • Fast and flexible processing 

Highest quality: 

  • Professional and technically flawless work 
  • Highly qualified employees who are always up to date 
  • Use of state-of-the-art technologies 


  • Owner-managed family business 
  • Independence from manufacturers and financial markets 
  • No external third parties influencing our activities as testing service provider, engineering office and certification institut

Facilities and Equipment

Of course, EMCC has extensive test and inspection equipment, infrastructure, and measuring instruments at its disposal.

  • Mehrere Hektar Betriebsflächen
  • Freifeldmessplätze bis 300 m Messdistanz
  • Antennenkalibrierfeld
  • EMCC-Untergrundlaborzahlreiche Absorberräume
  • EMCC-Trapezabsorberhalle
  • mehr als 15 Schirmräume
  • GTEM- und TEM-Zellen, Triplates
  • mehrere Mode-Stirrer-/Reverberation-Hallen
  • KFZ-Rollenprüfstände/Absauganlagen
  • MS-/NS-Trafostationen 630 kVA/50 Hz
  • DC-, 60-Hz- und 400-Hz-Generatorsysteme
  • 3.000 Messgeräte 0 Hz bis 325 GHz
  • Empfindlichkeiten bis zur Rauschgrenze, Leistungen bis MW und Feldstärken bis kV/m
  • Umfangreiche Umwelt- und Sicherheits-Prüfeinrichtungen
  • Mobile Prüflaboratorien

German Head Office in Moggast/Ebermannstadt

Main Building - Entrance
EMCC DR. RASEK; Head Office - Bird View
Bird View of Moggast with the EMCC DR. RASEK Head Office

Unterleinleiter Site - West Side View

Bird View of the Unterleinleiter Site
(from West)
Bird View of the Unterleinleiter Site
(from South-West)
Main Building - east side view with entrance
Main Building - west side view

Current Seminars

2019-11-13 to 2019-11-15

  • EMC-Basics, Test and Measurement-Seminar for MIL and Avionic Standards

2019-11-14 to 2019-11-15

  • Test and Measurement-Seminar for MIL and Avionic Standards

2019-11-18 to 2019-11-20

  • EMC-Basics, HIRF/HERF – Electromagnetic Effects in Aircraft

2019-11-19 to 2019-11-20

  • HIRF/HERF – Electromagnetic Effects in Aircraft

2019-11-21 to 2019-11-22

  • Lightning Electromagnetic Effects on Aircraft

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