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Recognition Information for EMCCons DR. RAŠEK Clients

EMCCons DR. RAŠEK Test Labs are KBA designated, ZLG recognized, Industry Canada filed, FCC USA and VCCI Japan registered.

KBA Designation # KBA-P 00026-96

KBA Designation Certificate (English Translation)

Annex to Designation

KBA Benennungsurkunde (Designation Certificate, in German)

Anlage zur Benennungsurkunde

ZLG Recognition # ZLG AP-174.18.02

ZLG Recognition Certificate

Annex to Recognition

FCC USA Registration # 368753

Registration Letter # 368753

ISED CANADA Filing 3464C-1

Registration Letter # 3464C-1

VCCI JAPAN Registrations # C-13260, G-10318, R-12958, T-11504

Registration Certificate # T-11504

Registration Certificate # R-12958

Registration Certificate # G-10318

Registration Certificate # C-13260

Recognition Information for EMCCert DR. RAŠEK Clients

The EMCCert DR. RAŠEK Certification Institute is recognized for Certification services in Europe (EMC and RED Directive (former R&TTE)), USA (CAB / TCB), Canada (CAB / FCB) and Japan (CAB / RCB).

Further the Certification Institute provides Expert Witness services (Mr. Reinhard Sauerschell).

Current Seminars

2020-11-11 to 2020-11-13

  • EMC-Basics, Test and Measurement-Seminar for MIL and Avionic Standards

2020-11-12 to 2020-11-13

  • Test and Measurement-Seminar for MIL and Avionic Standards

2020-11-16 to 2020-11-18

  • EMC-Basics, HIRF/HERF – Electromagnetic Effects in Aircraft

2020-11-17 to 2020-11-18

  • HIRF/HERF – Electromagnetic Effects in Aircraft

2020-11-19 to 2020-11-20

  • Lightning Electromagnetic Effects on Aircraft

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