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EMCComp products

Covering all waveform sets of DO-160G/ED-14G, SAE-ARP5412/ED-84 and SAE-ARP5416A/ED-105 for testing of avionic equipment and systems.

The EMCC DR. RAŠEK name is synonymous with the highest quality and expertise in all aspects of electrical safety, EMI, EMC, radio and environmental simulation testing. Since 1977, the company has served customers from all industries, across the globe.

We are a highly accredited and recognized service provider. In addition to conducting relevant tests at our innovation centers, we provide product development consulting, seminars, simulations and certification, and carry out research and development. We are happy to share our wide-ranging knowledge and experience with our business partners – on topics ranging from circuit design and component testing, to complete systems.

Our vast experience allows us to develop high end test instruments. EMCComp DR. RAŠEK GmbH sells innovative pulse generator systems, strip-lines, tri-plates, CNs, CDNs, LISNs, transformers, clamps and probes. The products can be designed to suit specific customers’ requirements.

The EMCC LIGHTNING GENERATORS covering all waveform sets of DO-160G/ED-14G, SAE-ARP5412/ED-84 and SAE-ARP5416A/ED-105 for testing of avionic equipment and systems.

A series of generators, developed by EMCC, is available for generating direct lightning stroke to systems like structural parts and skin elements, harnesses or external avionic equipment.


  • LEMP and Indirect Effects of Lightning

    • Single Stroke
    • Multiple Stroke
    • Multiple Burst

  • Direct Lightning Strike
  • Helicopter ESD
  • Voltage Spikes
  • Nanosecond Rectangular Pulses
  • Etc.

EMP Generators

  • Indirect Effects of Lightning

    • WF1-WF6 at Level 5 according to ED-14/DO-160, Section 22
    • LEMP-EFA 1 and LEMP-EFA 2 per EFA/SPE-J-E-1000
    • DEF-STAN, AECTP, STANAG, Airbus, Boeing,…

  • Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse

    • NEMP-EFA 1 and NEMP-EFA 2 per EFA/SPE-J-E-1000
    • CS116 and RS105 per MIL-STD-461F

  • Direct Effects of Lightning

    • lightning current components A, B, C(C*) and D according to ED-14/DO-160, Section 23; ED-105A/SAE ARP5416A, MIL-STD-464, NATO AECTP, STANAG, DEF-STAN 59-113,…

  • and more

Spike Generators

  • ED-14/DO-160, Sections 17 and 19
  • Spike/Surge Generators per MIL-STD-1275D/F
  • CS106 per MIL-STD-461F
  • Airbus ABD0100.1.8 /ABD0100.1.8.1 / AMD-24
  • Short and Long Spikes according to EFA/SPE-J-E-1000

Single/Multiple Stroke Generator

  • ED-14/DO-160 Issues C...G
  • EFA/SPE-J-E-1000
  • DEF-STAN 59-411
  • MIL-STD-461 Issues C…F

For receiving our quote please just send your inquiry including your specifications and requirements to:



Current Seminars

2019-11-13 to 2019-11-15

  • EMC-Basics, Test and Measurement-Seminar for MIL and Avionic Standards

2019-11-14 to 2019-11-15

  • Test and Measurement-Seminar for MIL and Avionic Standards

2019-11-18 to 2019-11-20

  • EMC-Basics, HIRF/HERF – Electromagnetic Effects in Aircraft

2019-11-19 to 2019-11-20

  • HIRF/HERF – Electromagnetic Effects in Aircraft

2019-11-21 to 2019-11-22

  • Lightning Electromagnetic Effects on Aircraft

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