EMC, Environmental Simulation, Radio and Electrical Safety testing for Telecommunication

Today’s telecommunications feature both wired and wireless signal transmissions. In both cases, reliable operation is essential. However, this has become more difficult to achieve because of rising demands on the various markets and the huge variety of electrical and electronic components, radio devices, and terminal equipment.

Consumer and business products (including those employed in industrial environments) must function concurrently with other devices without suffering from EMI – or causing it in other equipment. Mutual interference – an important issue for radio-frequency devices – must also be avoided. EMI and factors such as atmospheric pressure and extreme temperatures can seriously disrupt the function and reliability of equipment.

EMC testing for telecommunication equipment according to relevant standards

Devices must meet specifications defined in legislation governing electromagnetic compatibility (in Germany, EMVG), and radio and terminal equipment (in Germany, FTEG). Products must comply with the RED 2014/53/EU (former R&TTE Directive) before they can be sold in the EU. The European EN and ETSI standards and the international IEC norms define strict rules to ensure EMC between components. We offer testing to international standards such as:

  • FCC (USA)
  • IC (Canada)
  • VCCI (Japan)

Making robust components and systems is becoming increasingly difficult for manufacturers and their suppliers. Our experts can support you – during the development phase if required – with comprehensive consulting and accredited testing and certification services, ensuring your products meet the telecommunications sector’s most demanding requirements.

You need support during the development phase? No Problem!

Our experts can support you with comprehensive consulting and accredited testing and certification services to ensure that your products meet the telecommunications sector´s most demanding requirements