Conformity assessment module H - Testing and confirmation by EMCC

By means of a conformity assessment, manufacturers ensure that the safety-relevant requirements for products to be placed on the European market are met. The essential requirements for products are described and defined in harmonized EU directives and standards. Each manufacturer, the person who places the product on the market or the person authorised to act on his behalf must carry out a conformity assessment procedure before placing a product on the European market.

Conformity assessment according to the EU directive for radio equipment RED-2014/53/EU

There are three different types of conformity assessment, which have to be carried out depending on the product characteristics.

  • conformity assessment module A: internal production control (Annex II RED)
  • conformity assessment modules B and C: type examination and conformity to type based on internal production control (Annex III RED)
  • conformity assessment module H: conformity based on full quality assurance (Annex IV RED)
Conformity assessment

Module H - Monitoring under the responsibility of the notified body

The manufacturer declares and warrants that the products comply with the applicable requirements of the RED Directive. The RED Directive obliges every manufacturer of radio products and radio equipment to have its comprehensive quality assurance monitored by a notified body. The notified body monitors the conformity of the products in accordance with the RED directive and thus ensures the manufacturer's conformity assessment procedure. 

The surveillance of full quality assurance at the manufacturer's premises by a notified body shall include the design, manufacture, final product inspection and testing of radio products and radio equipment. 

As a notified body, we carry out the monitoring for you in accordance with the requirements of module H and thus ensure that you meet the specified requirements.