Notified Body Directive RED 2014/53/EU

The RED is applicable since June 2016. Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE) 1999/5/EC is replaced at that date. Manufacturers have a transitional period of one year to comply with RED.

On the basis of our certification support the European market becomes more rapid and cost-effective for our customers than ever before!

Our Services

  • Competent guidance on all necessary steps for a smooth approval
  • Evaluation of essential requirements according to the Directive RED/R&TTE
  • Competent advice and guidance in selection of applicable standards and on required tests
  • Approval of quality assurance systems according to the Directive RED/R&TTE
  • Guidance in establishing the Technical Construction Files

The RED regulates the placing on the market of radio equipment. It applies to equipment (not components) placed on the market. So for radio systems and for all devices that could be connected to telecommunications networks.

Radio equipment includes products such as mobile phones, GPS/Galileo receivers and wireless car door openers.