Vibration and Shock Testing

Particularly in the automotive, aviation and railway sectors, the components are exposed to heavy loads. Be it through transport, driving through potholes or falling down. 

EMCC tests your product for all types of stress - whether in the civilian or military sector. 

In our environmental laboratories we simulate these environmental influences and test your test specimen according to all known standards. 

Vibration test for test specimen up to 1.000 kg 

  • Random tests
  • Sinusoidal tests, resonance tests 
  • Multisinus tests
  • Combination of sine and random
  • Vibration test with temperature and humidity overlay 

Shock test up to 5000 m/s² (500 g) (single shock test and continuous shock test)

  • Half sinus shock 
  • Sawtooth shock 
  • Gunfire shock 
  • Permanent shock

ISO 17025 accredited Testing: Extract

  • DIN EN-60068-2-6
  • DIN EN-60068-2-64
  • DIN EN-60068-2-80
  • LV 124
  • MIL-STD-810 
  • RTCA/DO-160 


System 1 : 36 kN, 3 inch-stroke, 60 x 60 cm² slip table, optional with climatic overlay 

System 2 : 80 kN, 4 inch-stroke, 120 x 120 cm² slip table, max. weight 1,2 t

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