About the standard

EN 61000-6-2 is the standard that regulates details of electromagnetic compatibility. Electromagnetic compatibility is a condition in which technical devices do not interfere with each other. The requirements for interference immunity are regulated in detail. They refer to the frequency range between 0 Hz and 400 GHz and apply to both electrical and electronic devices. The currently valid version of the EN 61000-6-2 standard dates from 2005. All devices that are examined on the basis of various test criteria are either intended for use in industrial areas or for connection to an industrial power supply network. In addition, the EN 61000-6-2 standard applies not only to equipment, but also to devices.

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  • Free field measuring stations up to 300 m measuring distance
  • Antenna calibration field
  • EMCC underground laboratory
  • Numerous absorber rooms
  • EMCC trapezoidal absorber hall
  • More than 15 shielding rooms
  • GTEM and TEM cells, triplates
  • Several mode-stirrer/reverberation halls
  • 3,000 measuring instruments 0 Hz to 325 GHz

EN 61000-6-2 - Evaluation criteria and test quantities, test disturbance quantities as well as test methods are defined

There are various evaluation criteria that are clearly and unambiguously defined. These evaluation criteria usually refer to the operating behavior and are related to the respective connection. With regard to the test quantities, test disturbance quantities and the associated test procedures, reference is made to the currently valid EMC basic standard.

This standard applies if there are no products or no product standard families for interference immunity.

The test is performed with electromagnetic RF fields. It refers to the frequency range between 1.4 GHz and 2 GHz and has been extended to the frequency range between 2.0 and 2.7 GHz.

The test on the functional earth connection, on the other hand, has been deleted. All basic technical standard texts corresponding to the currently valid EN 61000-6-2 standard have been adapted accordingly.

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