Lightning Electromagnetic Effects

The combination of experience and infrastructure enables an experimental portion which includes demonstrations and seeing test setups. Visits and experiments are conducted in small groups. Various kind of sites are part of the course, among them are anechoic chamber, open area test site (OATS), GTEM cell, TEM cell, reverberation chamber as well as lightning test setups. Examples are provided. Discussion and questions will be part of the emc seminar. Seminar notes in English language are included.

Maximum number of participants: 15


Lightning Electromagnetic Effects on Aircraft – Two Days EMC Seminar

Next emc seminar dates: 
Summer: 2024-06-13 to 2024-06-14
Winter: 2024-12-12 to 2024-12-13

Who should attend?

  • EMC engineers
  • EMC project managers
  • Certification staff
  • EMC test staff
  • System designers and integrators
  • Equipment designers




  • Physical phenomena
  • Certification regulation and standards
  • Associated test methods and procedures
  • Aircraft, system and avionics design to reach compliance
  • Visiting the EMCC test laboratories

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