EMCC DR. RAŠEK – Pioneers for Progress since 1977

The brand EMCC DR. RAŠEK stands for the highest standards, decades of experience, integrity, unique know-how, quality and reliability.

We distinguish ourselves through flexibility, speed, quality and absolute customer orientation. Our service and product portfolio ranges from engineering to certification in the fields of EMC, radio, electrical safety and environmental simulation to seminars and research and development.

EMCC Services

The Testing Laboratories

Technical expert services, modifications, R&D and testing services in all areas of EMC, EMI, EMS, LEMP, NEMP, HERF, HIRF, HPM, radio, telecommunications, environmental simulation and electrical safety according to numerous norms and standards such as AIRBUS, ANSI, AS/NZS, BOEING, CAN/CSA, CISPR, DaimlerChrysler, EFA, EN, ETSI, EUROCAE, Ford, GAM, GMW, IEC, ISO, MIL-STD, RTCA, SAE, VG and many more standards

Our values

Our Facilities and Equipments

  • Several hectares of operating areas
  • Open area test site for up to 300 m measuring distance
  • Antenna calibration field
  • EMCC underground laboratory with numerous anechoic chambers
  • EMCC trapezoidal absorber hall
  • More than 15 shielding rooms
  • GTEM and TEM cells, triplates
  • Several mode-stirrer/reberation chambers
  • Motor vehicle roller test stands/extraction systems
  • MV/LV transformer stations 630 kVA/50 Hz
  • DC, 60 Hz and 400 Hz generator systems
  • 3,000 measuring instruments 0 Hz to 325 GHz
  • Sensitivities up to noise limit, powers up to MW and field strengths up to kV/m
  • Extensive environmental and safety test facilities
  • Mobile test laboratories

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