Direct and Indirect Lightning Testing

Our teams consist of internationally recognised experts in direct and indirect lightning. We offer customers one-stop solutions from consulting, engineering, research and development to seminars and testing services. Tests are conducted at our comprehensively accredited test labs or on-site at customer facilities anywhere in the world.

Lightning Testing — Competences

  • ISO 17025 accredited test lab
  • Indirect effects (RTCA/DO-160, Section 22)
  • Direct effects (RTCA/DO-160, Section 23)
  • Electrostatic discharge (RTCA/DO-160, Section 25)
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects testing
  • Theoretical and numerical analyses of the lightning coupling effects, analysis and simulation of the protection measures, design support and reviews
  • Design and manufacturing test generators for the simulation of lightning and nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) according to all kind of high-end requirements
  • Fast development and preparation of special tests e.g. exceptionally high magnetic fields, currents, voltages
  • Consulting, troubleshooting and design reviews
  • Training

NEMP testing

  • Radiated susceptibility testing MIL-STD-461 / NATO-AECTP 500 / etc.
  • Conducted susceptibility testing MIL-STD/ NATO-AECTP / DEF-STAN / STANAG / VG etc.
  • Filter component testing to MIL-STD-188-125
lightning testing

Direct Lightning Effects Test up to 200 kA

  • Direct lightning high voltage initial leader and swept channel attachment tests on aircraft external hardware.
  • Direct lightning high current testing of external hardware
  • Direct lightning effects on composites
  • Direct lightning effects on fuel systems

Indirect Lightning Effects Test according to avionic and military specifications:

  • Indirect lightning functional and damage testing of avionic equipment and full systems according to all civil and military generic and/or proprietary specifications
  • On-site testing of avionic system installations world wide
  • On-site transfer function measurements to determine internal threat conditions of avionic equipment.

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