EMCC Research & Development

EMCC DR. RAŠEK is an independent, world-leading testing agency that has provided end-to-end services for more than 40 years. Our offering ranges from consulting to certification in the fields of EMC, radio, electrical safety, and environmental simulation. Our specialists boast decades of experience in all relevant industries, and a comprehensive knowledge of all applicable standards. A combination of highly skilled consultants and the use of cutting-edge technologies guarantees first-class results.

Our R&D department develops new, innovative measurement techniques and instruments of the highest quality. A main focus of our work is developing generators for direct and indirect lightning strike testing. Our systems produce direct lightning strikes on material samples, devices, design components – and more. During testing, voltages of up to 100 kV and currents of up to 200 kA can be produced.

We use the following types of pulse for indirect lightning testing

  • Lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP)
  • Nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP)
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD)
Research and Development at EMCC

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We can also carry out indirect lightning testing on board the aircraft itself at the customer site.

Our new, special-purpose products include pulse generators, magnetic coils, LISNs (line impedance stabilization networks), and testing devices that are often designed to customer specifications.

EMCC’s research activities also include measurement of transfer functions on aircraft and vehicles. This involves determining potential EMC problems at the various installation locations in the system. The findings enable manufacturers to evaluate components’ probable electromagnetic behaviour at an early development stage, and plan their installation accordingly. This can accelerate development and save money.

Furthermore, we carry out research relating to HERF (high energy radio frequency), HIRF (high intensity radiated fields), and HPM (high power microwave), and have introduced significant innovations in testing technology. Our devices are widely used in the aerospace and defence sectors. We sell them to customers and employ them ourselves to perform tests on their behalf.

EMCC is frequently invited to participate in international research projects by conducting corresponding EMC tests and studies and interpreting findings. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and skills, we made an important contribution to the HIRF synthetic environment research program (HIRF SE) and the Packaging of futuRe Integrated ModulAar Electronics (PRIMAE) project.

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