EMC, Environmental Simulation, Radio and Electrical Safety testing for Railway Industry

The Adler was the first successful commercial locomotive for passenger and freight transport to operate in Germany. It made its debut in 1835, travelling between Nuremberg and Fürth in Bavaria, where EMCC is headquartered. Since then, an entire, highly innovative railway industry has evolved around the development and manufacture of both rolling stock and the corresponding infrastructure. 

The increasing complexity of railway technology places considerable demands on the functions, safety and reliability of components, systems and entire vehicles.

EMCC provides accredited testing services and certification for EMC, radio, electrical safety and environmental for manufacturers and suppliers in compliance with the relevant standards of the railway industry.

Consulting Services and Accredited Testing according to National and International Standards

EMCC is a consultant engineering company, and an EN ISO/IEC 17025-accredited testing laboratory: our testing services are recognised by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA) and internationally. We conduct tests on mechanical, electromechanical and electrical components and systems. We also support clients with research projects. This includes drafting made-to-measure test plans, performing project-specific tests, and developing measurement equipment.

EMCC Railway industry

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