Accreditation Information for Clients

EMCCons DR. RAŠEK laboratories are accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2018. This accreditation demonstrates technical competence for a defined scope and the operation of a laboratory quality management system (refer to the Joint ISO-ILAC-IAF Communiqué dated April 2017).

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Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests (EMC) of Active Medical Devices
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DAkkS D-PL-12067-01-01

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Wireless Application, Safety of Electrical Appliances and Environmental Testing
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DAkkS D-PL-12067-01-02

Standards in the flexible scope of accreditation

Telecommunication (TC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for Canadian Standards
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DAkkS D-PL-12067-01-03

Telecommunication (FCC Requirements)
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DAkkS D-PL-12067-01-04

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DAkkS D-K-12067-01-00


Electrical Testing
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A2LA Cert. No. 2032.01


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