Antenna calibration according to the most important standards

We are looking forward to support you with your antenna calibration according to the most important standards. As a DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited service provider for antenna calibration, we offer you the highest quality to optimize your measurement equipment.

The strict quality requirements for EMC measurements, especially for high-precision field strength measurements in sensitive areas such as automotive, avionics, defense and medical products, demand the most accurate and reliable calibration of the measuring equipment used.

Basic standards for antenna calibration are e.g.:

  • ANSI C63.5
  • CISPR 16-1-6
  • SAE ARP958 Rev. D

(The use of free space antenna coefficients is uniformly specified in the CISPR standard)

antenna calibration

Measurand for antenna calibration

Our antenna measurement parameter is the 1 m gain or the 1 m antenna factor.

Of course, we validate in comparative measurements and interlaboratory tests with other laboratories and the PTB.

Antenna types

  • Biconical antenna
  • Double finned waveguide horn antenna
  • Horn antenna with standard gain
  • Hybrid antenna (bilog/biconilog)
  • Logarithmic periodic dipole array (LPDA)
  • Logarithmic spiral (200 MHz to 10 GHz)
  • Resonant dipole
antenna calibration


  • Antenna factor
  • Antenna gain
  • Directional pattern
  • Symmetry
  • VSWR

Frequency range:

  • 30 MHz – 40 GHz

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